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Musical Mondays : Adding Fun to Your Small Wedding

By January 20, 2014June 29th, 2016No Comments

There is so much wonderful music that proclaims love and would be suitable to have at a marriage ceremony. On Mondays I will look at different songs and investigate their origin, creation and the artists behind the songs.Candy Proposal

This week I will start with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”. I figured with a title like that would could be more appropriate. I first became aware of this song while stumbling across a video on YouTube that had a guy planning a flash mob dance to this song, to ask his girlfriend to….. you guessed it….marry him. I loved the melody and the spontaneity of getting married because hey thats what you want to do. The song was written by Mars, Jared Kuliberda, Philip Lawerence and Ari Levine and released on the Doo-Wops & Hooligans album in 2011. The concept behind the song, according to the writers, is that it is a crazy, spontaneous party. It was meant as a bit of of racy idea rather than a traditional concept of marriage. Interestingly this song did better outside of the USA where it peaked at number 85 on The Billboard Hot 100 but was number 10 on the Canadian Hot 100. While it has become a favourite for proposals and wedding soundtracks it still has a quirky, non traditional message regarding seeing a wedding as a fun, spontaneous and maybe regrettable act, “If we wake up and you want to break up its cool” As the numerous videos (just search marriage proposals) on YouTube illustrate, many couples have embraced this fun upbeat song.

(Information regarding song found on Wikipedia)

photo credit: KaleidoscopePhotos via photopin cc