Overlooking the Bay of Naples and Gateway to the stunning Amalfi Coast

A civil ceremony will be conducted in one of two beautiful locations in Sorrento based on availability and time of year. Our Canadian event coordinator will act as your liaison with our Sorrento coordinators to make sure all details are taken care of. Approximately three month lead time is necessary for all paperwork to be completed. We are also able to conduct a legal ceremony in Vancouver British Columbia and have a non legal blessing ceremony in Italy in a shorter time frame. All of our ceremonies can be done as a non legal blessing ceremony as well.

Saint Francis Cloister: Located off of the public square, Villa Comunale, overlooking the sea is the beautiful St. Francis Cloisters. The centre garden of the cloisters is reserved for your ceremony. The walkways of the cloisters are open to the public during the ceremony and the public is asked to be quiet and respect the ceremony while it is on.

Museo Correale: The beautiful mirror room is used for ceremonies or a ceremony can be conducted in the garden. The museum and gardens are open to museum patrons but not to the general public.

Number of guests: 40

Wedding Ceremony Package Includes:
Booking of Ceremony
Registrar to Perform Ceremony
Translation of Ceremony and Documents
Marriage Certificates
Processing of all Documents
Meeting with Coordinator before Ceremony
On Site Day of Coordinator for Ceremony
Music Duo (Guitar/Violin) for Ceremony
Bridal Bouquet with Seasonal Flowers
Matching Grooms Boutonniere


Add ons available:
Photography, transportation, reception.