How to Get Legally Married

This link will take you to the BC government’s information regarding getting married in British Columbia, Canada. Click here.

  1. You will have to obtain a marriage license. Here are the places which issue licenses in Vancouver. Click here.
  2.  Use an officiant, either a religious representative or a marriage commissioner to perform the marriage ceremony.  A list of local marriage commissioners can be obtained here. GTTC provides a marriage commissioner but if you would like to book your own let us know.  Click here.
  3. Have two witnesses for the wedding ceremony. The GTTC hostess and the photographer can be your witnesses.
  4. The Marriage Commissioner or religious representative who performed the wedding ceremony will help you complete the Marriage Registration Form. Within 48 hours of the wedding ceremony, the form will be sent by the Marriage Commissioner or religious representative to the Vital Statistics Agency, where the marriage will be registered and a legal record kept.
  5. You will receive a legal Marriage Certificate from the Vital Statistics Agency after the registration of the marriage.
  6. Congratulations! You are legally married.

What is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Wedding?

DIY weddings are more viable than ever before, but everyone getting married in British Columbia must follow the legal requirements above. Consider the fact that all our wedding packages include the services of a registered Marriage Commissioner, an hour of photography, and hostess services you don’t have to worry about anything.. Let us help you with your affordable small wedding in Vancouver!

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