Terms and Conditions of Services of Going to the Chapel (GTTC)


  • PAYMENT – Full package fee is due upon booking if event is in 7 days or less. More than 7 days away a $500 deposit is required.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY – If event is cancelled 30 or more days before event date full refund of deposit will be given. Exception to this is park/beach ceremony due to non refundable permit policy of City of Vancouver.  30 days before event, deposit will NOT be refunded. Cancellation less than 30 days before event will result in NO refund of event fee. GTTC must receive notice of event cancellation in writing.
  • PARKINGThere is ample street parking and paid parking in all locations. Information for parking is provided for each location. 
  • RENTAL AREAS AND ACCESS TIMEVenues are only accessible for the time allocated for the event. If you would like to see the venue before booking, please arrange an appointment with GTTC. If you need anything delivered to the venue please confirm with GTTC. Only the areas specific to the event are accessible
  • FOOD & BEVERAGESOnly food and beverages ordered through GTTC may be consumed on the venue site unless previously agreed upon.
  • HOUSE RULES        
    • Candles are not permitted. Battery operated candles are allowed.
    • Pets are not permitted in the venues.
    • Smoking is not permitted in the venues.
    • No flower petals real or paper. No Confetti.
    • Nothing may be attached to the walls
    • Any decorating must be approved by GTTC
    • Chairs are provided for sitting
    • Please inquire regarding a sound system if required.


GTTC’s aim and purpose is to make sure everything goes according to plan for your wedding ceremony.  Many of the services are provided by a third party and therefore GTTC is limited in their control of circumstance. GTTC and those contracted by GTTC to provide services are not responsible for any events occurring that are beyond their control including but not limited to disturbances due to power failures, severe weather and accidents.